Conservation For Environment

  • Pro-Natura remains one of the Nigeria’s leading research and feasibility studies organizations with particular reference to environmental research, conflict analysis and social and environmental impact assessment studies.
  • PNI has engaged in conservation projects for Akassa clan through the National Resource Management (NRM) of the Foundation and for the Omo-Shasha-Oluwa conservation Initiative at the beginning of 2010 in partnership with the Nigerian Conservation Foundation(NCF).
  • Pro-Natura conducted a study into elephant populations on the barrier island between Bonny Island and the Imo River estuary funded by the MacArthur Foundation
  • SEIA, Conflict Mapping appraisal including a sustainable development strategy for Brass LNG
  • Nigerian Coastline study funded by the World Bank, DOCAG and Nexen
  • Studies on Olakola LNG funded by British Gas Group