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About Pro Natura International (Nigeria)

Pro-Natura International has been working in the Niger Delta for approximately ten years. During this time we have worked to achieve long-lasting solutions within the Niger Delta by investing in communities, engaging all stakeholders and building capacity in a ‘bottom up’ participatory development process. PNI’s experienced team consisting of approximately 50 employees, are committed to implementing best-practise community development programmes; employing participatory tools and methods, focusing on livelihood needs and not wants, ensuring equitable distribution of benefits and building local capacity for decision making.
Registered Address:
Iddo House, Iddo PO Box 159, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel/Fax: +234 (01) 2695025, +234 (01) 2690491 Ext 595
PNI Nigeria is a member of the Pro-Natura International Network. Pro-Natura International was started in Brazil in 1985 and by 1992 had become one of the very first ‘Southern’ NGOs to be internationalised following the Rio Conference. The office of Pro-Natura International is currently situated in Paris.

Pro Natura International is committed to fighting poverty, conserving biodiversity and mitigating climate change. Please see www.pronatura.org for more details.